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Welcome to Fast Forward Business. My name is Justin Spencer-Young. I am so glad that you have found your way here. 
I have been a student and a teacher of the subject of Business Performance and Value Creation for two decades. I have spent most of the last decade in classrooms at business schools and in corporate training rooms.

I help employees, managers, and executives learn about accounting and finance. I do this from a business performance perspective rather than a compliance and reporting perspective. Understanding the world of accounting can be complicated for those who are not familiar with that world. I consider myself to be the one who helps you translate the complexity of financial reporting into day-to-day business performance.

I have translated my live teaching material into online content. The outcome has been fantastic. The process allowed me to take content that I would normally teach over several days and distil the essence and insights into concise, well-articulated videos. Through this process, I found the clarity and courage to write my first book on this subject. The book is titled "The Secrets of Business Performance and Value Creation". You can find out more about it just below. 

My teaching philosophy is quite simple. I cover some theories, do exercises to help understand, rinse and repeat. I am adamant that this subject cannot be learnt without the practical application part. All of my teachings incorporate processes that are structured around the application of the content. 

One of the tools that I use in my teaching is business simulations. The Leadership Business Simulation is a fantastic learning experience that combines all the regular business functions. The simulation learning journey is customised to meet the specific learning needs of an organisation. The simulation works so well as a tool because it connects the learning experience to the emotional hooks that form part of competing to be the best.  

I have combined my financial experience and years and teaching in my Executive Finance Coaching Programme. For a handful of carefully selected clients, I provide a coaching and mentoring engagement. This programme is designed to equip you with the tools to fast forward your career to the c-suite.

Scroll down the page and explore the content. If something stands out that interests you, click on the relevant link, and you will be sure to find lots more information.

The Secrets of Business Performance and Value Creation

The Secrets of Business Performance and Value Creation is a learning journey. The journey starts with the basics and builds towards the comprehensive analysis of the financial performance of several listed companies.

Over the last decade of teaching the subject of business finance, I have used textbooks that were written by others. I have always felt like the textbooks were written by accountants for accountants and the authors forgot who the target market is. Generally, the reader is someone who wants to understand business performance and needs to interpret the world of accounting, but they do not want to become an accountant.

I decided that it was time to write the textbook that I needed to compliment my teaching material and teaching style. I am really happy with the outcome.

Paul Theron, CEO of Vestact, has this to say:  "This book approaches the basics of business finance from a much more helpful perspective - sustainability and generating returns which exceed the cost of capital. It feels like a real-world approach, not the technical way of looking at financial accounting."

Dave Ives of Altron Karabina said this: "I really like the practical insights that Justin uses to explain the operations and capital dynamics of the balance sheet. It gave me a new perspective on my impact on the business as an entrepreneur."

The "Just in Time" articles contain nuggets of value that arrive in you inbox just when you need them. 
They are based on the "Atomic Essay" concept. A one-pager of insight on value creation.

Join thousands of subscribers who enjoy the the Just in Time articles with their coffee every weekday morning.
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The Leadership Business Simulation

Get Years Worth of Business Experience 
in Just a Day of Simulation Time 

The intention of the Leadership Business Simulation is for participants to "walk in the shoes" of a c-suite member. Participants experience what it is like to run a multi-national business. The decision, the pressure, managing people, operations and finance. 

We are able to provide participants with years worth of experience in a short space of time. Participants come away with insight into their own leadership style and behaviour. They also get to explore how all the functions of business have to work together and how business silos need to be overcome so that a business can operate more efficiently.

Our new online group facilitated version has been an "out the park" hit. Participants don't have to be out of office to to get the full experience. We use ZOOM to facilitate the business simulation learning experience and show how online learning can be engaging and rewarding.

Executive Finance Coaching 

Executive Finance Coaching Programme 

This is the perfect solution if you want to develop your financial skills for the c-suite 
(even if you you have no finance skills of experience)

5 Secrets Of Finance Video Series

FREE video series
 It consists of 5 "short and sharp" videos that cover some important concepts in business finance.
I created this series as a introduction to my Finance on Steroids course. I also use it as additional teaching material for my live classes. Click on the link below to go to the landing page where you can have this series sent strait to your email inbox.

Finance On Steroids 
Business Finance Course

Finance on Steroids is a multi-part business finance training that is an MBA equivalent

The focus of this course is on being able to asses the health and performance of a business. The core philosophy is about understanding business finance from the perspective of a business person rather than an accountant. This is a fundamental and unique shift in the way that one looks at how a business creates value.

Company Value On Excel Steroids Valuation Course 

Company Value on Excel Steroids is an 18 part series of short 10 - 12 minutes videos

The course covers the details of the discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation process. It is designed for you learn and build your own valuation model while you follow along. You will be able to develop your Excel skills while you learn the nuances of value.

Business Simulation  

The Business Simulation is the highlight of our offerings.
This course is the most realistic overall business learning experience. You can get years worth of business experience in just a few days. The focus of this training is to experience business strategy, operations, finance and leadership while running a multi-national manufacturing and distribution business.

This course has the versatility to be delivered in person and online and requires a minimum of 12 participants.



For inquiries, demonstrations and pilot programmes please email for more information or to make a personal appointment with Justin Spencer-Young 
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