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Justin Spencer-Young

Justin calls himself a Valueologist. He is a finance specialist and for more than 12 years has been helping executives deliver shareholder value. Educating others on the levers of value creation is his claim to fame.
Finance With Justin
From: Justin Spencer-Young
Dear Friend

In 2002 when I arrived at business school, I remember sitting in the lecture theatre with 59 other students. I was so nervous. I thought I was the dumbest one the in the class. I was just a building project manager after all. The finance lecturer walked in and I had this deja’vu experience of when I did Accounting 101 back at university as an undergraduate. I understood nothing back then, why would it possibly be different this time round?

I had decided to go back to university as a full-time student. I gave up my job and my salary for 18 months and I invested R150,000 in getting a Masters degree and with that, hopefully, a shiny certificate to hang on my wall. I was hoping that investment in my education would be my ticket out of the building industry. It definitely worked, but in a way I never could have imagined.

After several years in the commercial construction industry as a project manager I realised that my learning curve had become flat. I had a major deficit in my financial knowledge and the only way forward for me was to go back to university and raise my game. 

Hence, me sitting in a lecture theatre wondering if I was cut out to be part of what looked like a super smart group of people. 

Something happened to me in that lecture theatre. First of all I think I got extremely lucky. Secondly, a switch flipped in my brain that allowed me to see the world through a completely different lens. The lucky part was the lecturer who taught me finance was able to teach in a style and language that I could understand. For the first time I was able to comprehend the world of accounting and finance. 

The switch in my mind flipped from dark to light. From that point on I decided that the entire focus of my education would be to learn and understand everything there was to know about business finance. Little did I know how big the subject was.

I ended up doing every possible business school course in finance. Strategic Finance, Corporate Finance, Finance for Entrepreneurs, Excel Financial Modelling…you name it I found the finance course and did it. I also did my masters research in a finance subject called Real Options Valuation.

I came to a realisation that once I understood the financial framework, everything that I attached to the framework made sense as well. This set me up to start a business in financial consulting and financial model building for several blue-chip corporates. I found my ticket out of the building industry. In the coming years I built so many financial models for different business I could not count how many I did. Part of my corporate consulting responsibilities were to educate business owners and entrepreneurs about the financial models that I was building. This process of educating others forced me to simplify complex material and learn how to teach. Little did I realise how important these skills would become for me.

Find Out About My Unique Methodology of Teaching Business Finance. It Completely Changed my Career When I Discovered It.

It wasn’t a year later, and I was invited back to business school to teach a guest lecture in valuation. The lecture went so well, and the student evaluations were excellent. Before I knew it, I was teaching on three different finance programmes and teaching a two different business schools.

Something happened where I went from builder to finance lecturer. These days I call myself a Valueologist…that is a bit tongue in cheek. I think back to when I sat in that lecture theatre with those 59 other students. Little did I realise that life would come a full circle and I would be the one standing up front as the lecturer.

As I look back now, I have had 20 years of learning and teaching finance. Thousands of students have passed through my classroom.

Why is this relevant to you…well, here is why? I have taken the very best of what I have learnt and taught over the last 20 years and packed it into a video series called Finance On Steroids. Most of this material would only be available if you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to business school.

Here is where you get to benefit…

I am on a mission to make business finance content available to as many people as possible. You see I am tired of the accountants being the ones with all the financial power and knowledge in a business. I don’t have anything against accountants, but have you noticed how the c-suit of a business is mostly made up of accountants. The reason is because they are trained to understand and process all the financial transactions in a business which means they end up with an extremely broad business knowledge.

Unfortunately for those who are not trained as accountants there is truly little financial education at school and at university. Also, the maths education in our country is so poor that many don’t get a chance to even access the basics of financial education.
I would like you to be part of my mission to change this.

I have discovered a unique methodology of teaching business finance and value creation. A beginner can go from novice to competent in just a few easy to follow steps. I have structured my Finance On Steroids course to follow this process. My intention is not to teach people business finance so that they become accountants. My intention is to help non-accountants overcome their fear of numbers and lack of self-belief so that they can dramatically advance their careers.

So, if you need to develop your confidence in understanding the numbers of business and how businesses create value then Finance On Steroids is definitely for you.

You might even surprise yourself, like I did, and realise that with a different perspective your whole world might change. I went from Builder to Valueologist because my finance lecturer changed my perspective on the world.

Give me the opportunity to change your perspective and empower yourself to potentially advance your career in a way you never thought possible.

See you on the course.

All the best,

Justin Spencer-Young

P.S. You might find that my unique method of teaching business finance has such an effect on you that you are “bitten by the learning bug”. If you are, I have a special offer to buy my Valuation On Excel Steroids course. Look out for it, if you want to learn some Excel skills and show off to your colleagues then this is for you. Of course, valuation skills are highly sought after, they are a great skill to have on your CV so you can leap up the management ladder.
This is what Finance on Steriods offers:
  • My unique perspective on business finance (Priceless and potentially life-changing)
  • How to interpret financial reports using company management accounts (R2,000)
  • How to make better financial decisions (Value R2,000)
  • How to interpret financial performance dashboards (Value R2,000)
  • BONUS #1 How to effortlessly carry out complex financial analysis  (Value R1,500)
  • BONUS #2 How to create value for shareholders (Value R1,500)
  • BONUS #3 How to value a company (Value R1,500)
  • EXTRA BONUS #1: 20 data analysis spreadsheets of Top 40 Companies (R500)
  • EXTRA BONUS #2: 20 performance charts of Top 40 Companies (R500)
The total value of this amazing course is R11,500

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If Finance on Steroids doesn't show you exactly how to interpret business financial reports... if it doesn't take you on a step-by-step journey to discover financial performance and give you information so you can take action to look like a financial wizard in management meetings... or if it fails in delivering on its promise to reveal the secrets to financial value creation, then you can receive a full refund, No Questions Asked! 
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